When are you launching?
We are busy bees at THE PACK HQ preparing our launch which will happen in early 2021. 

Where will THE PACK be available?
We are launching in the UK first. You will be able to purchase our products from this website. 

Don't dogs need meat?
Think dogs are carnivores? You must be barking! Dogs are omnivores, meaning they’ll give their paw for anything delicious, be that broccoli or beans. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying your dog should only eat carrots. No way. It’s about giving your furry part of the family a full nutritional plant-based profile that will keep them fetching tennis balls from dusk till dawn.

Does that mean I need to turn my dog vegan?
We invite people into our movement, not judging, but bringing them with us. Our products are nutritionally complete so you can feed your fur baby just our product but you can also feed our product alongside your current dog food if you'd prefer. We wag tails, not fingers. 

What is the relation between dogs and the environment?
We can’t fetch another planet. We know that pet food creates 64 million tons of carbon dioxide each year. And that so much pet food is meat when it doesn’t have to be. It takes more energy, resources and makes more waste than plant-based food. That’s why we’re taking action to motivate humans, dogs and industries to leave smaller pawprints.

Is feeding plant-based food to dogs healthy?
Canines are facing a health crisis. Obesity and cancer rates make us whimper. But we know that the meat-heavy and unnatural nasties pumped into pet food have lot to do with it - the sort of ingredients that increase canine waistlines and reduce wags. That’s why we’re showing humans that plant-based eating makes dogs healthier, stronger, shinier and happier. 

How can I get hold of you?
If you want to stock THE PACK or have any furry questions for us please email us at woof@thepackpet.com or connect with us on social media: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn