No Fishy Dishy

No-Fishy Dishy

We've harnessed the flavours of the ocean using the likes of seaweed and algal oil, but left our fishy friends out of the equation in this drool-inducing vegan dog food. Full of umami flavour and deliciously moist, No-Fishy Dishy is great for supporting your dog's immunity, meaning sparkly eyes and wet noses all round!

No-Cluck Casserole

Your dog will love chowing-down on this juicy and succulent cluck-free cuisine! Made with kale, papaya, sunflower seeds and more, this delicious vegan dog food dish is paw-lickin’ good, and anything but poultry. What the cluck!

No Moo Ragu

No-Moo Ragu

Don’t have a cow, man… have a mouthwateringly moo-free meal instead. No cows were harmed in creating this hearty and satisfying meal that your dog will go udder-ly mad for. Plus, this vegan dog food is packed with calcium for strong bones and teeth, holy cow!

Key Ingredients

  • Papaya


    for healthy digestion

  • Kale


    rich in Vits

  • Lupin Beans

    Lupin Beans

    for Gut Health

  • Pea Protein

    Pea Protein

    for Doggy Strength

  • Butternut Squash

    Butternut Squash

    for Tummy Fibre

  • Broccoli


    for Bone Calcium

  • Blueberries


    for Immunity

  • Seaweed


    for Wellness

  • Hemp Seeds

    Hemp Seeds

    for Happy Joints

  • Algal Oil

    Algal Oil

    for Omega 3 and 9

  • Brewer's Yeast

    Brewer's Yeast

    packed with B Vitamins

  • Sunflower Seeds

    Sunflower Seeds

    for Skin and Shine

  • Blackberries


    for Waggy Energy