One Giant Leap For Dogkind.

Woof. We’re THE PACK. We’re on a mission to cook-up delicious, drool-inducing plant-based meals for every dog-bowl in the world. A kind that’s better for dogs, and their planet too.


Why is plant-based good for my dog?

We know how important it is to make good choices for the planet, and for all the animals who live on it. And we know how passionately you care about those things too. 

But we also know that pet parents want what’s best for their dogs, and that includes dishing out the healthiest dog food. Can we really give our furry friends maximum wags if we stop putting meat in their bowls? Will they be at their healthiest and happiest eating ‘vegan’ dog food?

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Why is plant-based good for the environment?

So, you’re a dog person but you’re also a planet person. You want to keep the climate healthy for your puppies, your puppies’ puppies and your puppies’ puppies’ puppies.

After all, what self-respecting mutt wants to live in a world without trees to wee on? But it turns out that the food we’re currently feeding our pups is giving our planet indigestion.

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