Is feeding vegan dog food to dogs healthy?

Yes, providing you choose nutritionally complete and balanced food like THE PACK wet food, your pet companion will get the nutrients they need to thrive on vegan dog food.

Dogs, like people, are different, and so we always advise a gradual transition as outlined in our feeding & transition guide and ask pet parents to monitor their dogs' health carefully on an ongoing basis.

As pet parents we all felt pets deserved better pet food free of the ‘nasties’, you find in conventional meat-based products. We believe that over the next decade you’re going to see improved health and greater longevity in this new generation of plant-based dogs and those dogs that get fed more plant-based food.

Associated benefits of plant-based dog food that have been reported include better skin and coat, better-smelling breath, reported weight loss, and less occurrences of cancer, diabetes and other diseases.

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