Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Fathers Day!

The 18th of June is a day to celebrate all fathers—whether their children are two- or four-legged. Today, we’d like to highlight some pawesome dog dads, from the past to the present, whose fur children shaped their lives in remarkable ways.

🐶 Lord Byron & Boatswain

Lord Byron is known for countless classics, but perhaps one of the works closest to his heart was his ‘Epitaph to a Dog’, which he wrote in 1808 in honour of Boatswain, his Newfoundland who had just died of rabies. It is reported that Byron was by Boatswain’s side in his final days, without any fears of getting infected himself. Byron’s poem can be found on Boatswain’s tomb (which is larger than Byron’s own!) at Newstead Abbey—Byron’s estate. The poem begins:

‘Near this spot

Are deposited the Remains

Of one

Who possessed Beauty

Without Vanity,

Strength without Insolence,

Courage without Ferocity,

And all the Virtues of Man

Without his Vices’.


🐶 King Edward VII & Caesar of Notts

Among King Edward VII’s most trusted advisors was his four-legged companion, Caesar, who he regularly took on royal duties. Really soaking up the royal life, the beloved Wire Fox Terrier had his very own footman! Outliving his guardian, when the King passed away, Caesar led the funeral procession and walked in a prominent position—ahead of nine kings and other heads of state. At the foot of King Edward VII’s tomb at Windsor, one can find a sculpted figure of Caesar curled up, eternalizing their bond.

🐶 Hidesaburō Ueno & Hachikō

If you haven’t watched one of the many movies made about the beautiful connection between this pawrent and pup duo yet (e.g., Hachi:  A Dog’s Tale), get the tissue box ready. Hachikō (Hachi for short) was adopted by Ueno, a professor of agriculture at the University of Tokyo. The two were so close that the Akita Inu pup would walk his dad to the Shibuya train station every day, where Ueno would give Hachi a pat on the head before catching the train to work. Tragically, one day, Ueno never returned home as he suffered a brain hemorrhage and passed away. Hachi would visit the train station every day for the next nine years—until his death—waiting for his human dad to return, earning him the nickname ‘the faithful dog’. There is a monument of Hachi next to Ueno’s tomb and one outside the Shibuya train station, which is a popular attraction for tourists and dog lovers alike.

🐶 Franklin D. Roosevelt & Fala

It wasn’t only King Edward VII who was taking his pooch on diplomatic trips; US President FDR was known to take his beloved Scottish Terrier nearly everywhere he went—from attending the Atlantic Charter Conference in Quebec (where Fala met British Prime Minister Winston Churchill), meeting the Mexican president Manuel Ávila Camachi in Monterrey, Mexico and going on tour to the Aleutian Islands (after which Fala received some political attacks himself, having the president defend him in a since famous speech!). In the minutes after the president’s death in 1945, Fala began behaving very strangely, according to FDR biographer Jim Bishop, including breaking through a screen door and barking furiously—something that was out of character for the pup. Fala passed away in 1952 and is buried in a marked grave next to his pawrents, Franklin and Eleanor, in the rose garden of their Springwood Estate in New York.

🐶 Paul McCartney & Martha

Having a song written about you is an honour, especially if it’s from a member of The Beatles! While we’re pretty sure Patti Boyd was flattered when George Harrison wrote ‘Something’ for her, we think Martha—McCartney’s Old English Sheepdog—was howling up an even bigger storm when she heard her dad had written ‘Martha My Dear’ for her, featured in the band’s self-titled album. Paul decided to become a pawrent when he was 20 and finally living on his own. Six years later, he decided to write this classic to his dear pup. When describing the impact Martha had on the Fab Four, McCartney stated in an interview, ‘…seeing me with Martha, with my guard down, all of a sudden [John Lennon] started warming to me. And so he let his guard down too’.

🐶 Justin Theroux & Kuma

Justin Theroux recently celebrated five years since his rescue pup, Kuma, turned him into a dog dad! Kuma, a pit bull mix, was saved from the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in 2018. Since rescuing her, Theroux created an Instagram account dedicated to her; on both of their accounts, they are avid advocates for ‘adopt, don’t shop’. In his own post on the 9th of June, to celebrate five years together, Justin wrote ‘If you are considering getting a dog, please visit your local shelter. There are tens of thousands of Kumas out there that would love to make your life so much better’. 

🐶 Chris Evans & Dodger

Chris Evans isn’t Captain America to his rescue dog Dodger—he’s super-dad! Since adopting his pooch in 2017 while filming his movie Gifted, the two have been inseparable. According to Evans, the two play, exercise and sleep together. In an interview, Evans said ‘Playing with him is exercise, he’s exhausting. He’s up for anything… they’re such great animals. I really can’t say enough about dogs, I’m a dog lunatic. He sleeps on my pillow, you wake up face-to-face.” If you want some Dodger content, head over to Chris Evans’ Instagram account (it’s basically a fan page for Dodger!). 


🐶 Tom Holland & Tessa

Tom Holland is another super-dad to his Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Tessa, who the actor adopted in 2014. Holland wanted to become a dog dad to a breed like Tessa’s because of the negative stigma around pit bulls being dangerous dogs (as the two breeds are quite similar). Holland has brought Tessa to multiple premieres; when he can’t be by his dog-hter’s side due to work, he makes sure she knows how much she’s loved by video calling her! Sometimes, they like to just gaze into each other’s eyes. In an interview, Holland remarked, ‘…a dog neither knows nor cares what your job is…they give you absolute loyalty, a snuggle when they think you might need one and [are] a lot of fun…the very best friendship you can ever hope for’. 


🐶 Adam Wakefield & Pablo

When Adam Wakefield isn’t busy working as the wag-nificent Head Of Marketing for THE PACK, he’s most certainly snuggled up or on an adventure with his fur child, Pablo. Adam is an advocate of 'adopt, don't shop' after adopting Pablo back in 2019.

One of Adam’s inspirations for joining THE PACK’s team was to help combat the companion animal health crisis, as he wants all pups, like Pablo, to be living their healthiest, waggiest lives.

🐶 Damien Clarkson & Blossom

Damien Clarkson co-founded THE PACK with Judy Nadel with their precious pooch Blossom in mind. They decided to create a nutritionally complete, plant-based dog food brand because they wanted to provide all pawrents with healthy, tasty options that not only benefit companion animals, but farm animals and the planet too. Not only is Damien looking out for the wellbeing of his own fur child, but dogs across the UK. 

As we highlighted in yesterday's blog, Damien and Judy recently welcomed their new baby into the worlds. So, today of course, also marks Damien's first fathers day to his two legged child, as well as his four legged child, Blossom. So we wish Damien an extra special Father's Day!

Plant-powered pooches thank you, Damien, and wish all of you dog dads making a difference a Happy Father’s Day!


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