Mother’s Day isn’t just a day to celebrate human mammas; it’s also a time to raise a glass of pawsecco to all the hardworking, caring dog mothers out there! We’re lucky enough to have some pretty pawsome dog mums working at THE PACK and in our pawrent community, all giving their fur children the best life possible by feeding them our plant-powered, nutritious meals. 

This Mother’s Day we’re taking a moment to toast some of our favourite dog mothers, from historical figures and contemporary celebrities to pawfluencers and PACK devotees! 

Lucy, Stella and Dolly Pawton & Jolene

Lucy and Stella are dog mums to Dolly Pawton, the most stylish hound on your social media feed. What’s more, Dolly barks loud and proud about her love of THE PACK, our plant-based diet being a real game changer for her Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). Since ditching the meat, Dolly’s coat is shinier than ever, her energy levels are through the roof and, as she puts it on her Instagram feed, she generally feels “on top of the world”!

Elizabeth Taylor and Sugar

From one legendary female star to another, Elizabeth Taylor once commented that “some of my best leading men have been dogs and horses”. Her love for dogs wasn’t limited to the silver screen though: she shared her home with furry friends her entire life, from her family dog Monty to the band of Maltese Terriers she kept by her side in her later years. Her all-time favourite pup was Sugar, of whom Taylor said “I’ve never loved a dog like this in my life. It’s amazing. Sometimes I think there’s a person in there.” I think we all know that feeling! Sugar accompanied Taylor everywhere from the day she brought her home as a three-month-old puppy, and the actress allegedly almost refused to accept her title of Damehood when she was told that Sugar wouldn’t be allowed into Downing Street! Too right, we say…

Queen Victoria and Noble

It seems that the more powerful the woman, the more likely she is to have a four-legged friend by her side! Queen Victoria has been called the “patroness monarch of dogs” for her interest in the protection of our favourite fur friends. The hound who held an extra special place in her heart was a collie named Noble, who was immortalised in stone by her daughter Princess Louise. 

Hilary Duff and her rescue pups

Our modern female celebrities are just as dog mad! Hilary Duff regularly posts on social media about her beloved rescue pups, including those who’ve passed over the rainbow bridge: Lola the Chihuahua, Dubois the Bernese Mountain dog and Beau the Frenchie. Duff now shares her life and Insta feed with four other dogs, Winnie, Lucy, Momo and Peaches. She adopted Lucy as an older hound and Momo as the runt of the litter from non-profit Love Leo Rescue who "give forgotten dogs another chance".  We couldn’t love her more for that!

Ariana Grande and her gang of adopted dogs

Ariana Grande is another advocate of rescuing dogs; so much so that at one point she lived with nine of them! I mean, who hasn’t gone to a dog shelter and been unable to say no? We’re also a huge fan of her dog names, from Toulouse, Lafayette and Sirius to Strauss, Pignoli and Fawkes. 

Jennifer Garner and Birdie

Dogs and books: what more do you need in life? Not much, according to Jennifer Garner, who set up an Instagram and YouTube series called #BooksWithBirdie where she and her gorgeous Golden Retriever snuggle up and read together. Stuck for inspiration when it comes to your next good read? Click on the hashtag and Garner suggests books from her reading list, which she then passionately reads to Birdie! We’re obsessed.  

Miley Cyrus and Mary Jane

To Miley Cyrus fans, Mary Jane was as famous as the singer herself. Adopted by the star in 2012, Mary Jane loved to eat watermelon and Cyrus even got a tattoo of her charismatic Pitbull. When Mary Jane passed away in 2021, Cyrus recorded a special song  in memory of her furry friend and told the press “She wore her grace, dignity and kindness like a crown. She will never be forgotten and will forever be missed. To know her is to love her. It has been my honour being her mom and best friend.”

Katy Perry and Nugget

We had to include Katy Perry in here, as she was an early advocate of plant-based dog food! Perry caused controversy in 2021 when she announced her plan to go vegan along with her teacup Poodle, Nugget, who had been “slowly changing her diet” with her. Of course, we know that switching to a vegan diet is the very best thing you can do for your dog, so wholeheartedly support both their journeys.

Rayner and Willow

A pawrent close to THE PACK’s heart is Liverpool mum Rayner and her fur child Willow. Rayner is founder of Plant-Based Directory,  a new app revolutionising the way people discover vegan businesses. She and Willow have been best fur friends since Willow's arrival back in March 2021. They do everything together and enjoy walkies come rain or shine. Willow is a huge fan of THE PACK, her favourite flavour being the No Moo Ragu! If you’re on the lookout for animal-friendly places to visit across the UK with your pup, along with so many other amazing online vegan businesses, do check out Rayner’s app…

Judy and Blossom

We couldn’t celebrate dog mums and not mention our very own Founder and pawrent, Judy Nadel, and her gorgeous Cavapoo Blossom! On International Women’s Day, Judy gave a special shout out to her “main boss babe and sidekick Blossom for all the love, licks and laughter”, a sentiment every dog mum will feel to the core. You can follow Blossom on Instagram at @blossomthecavapoo_ and join her on her plant-powered journey! 

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