Did You Know...

Did You Know...

When it comes to our dog's, it can be hard to know what is safest for our four-legged best friends, there's a lot of misconceptions and misinformation. We all care deeply about ensuring our dogs are the happiest and healthiest they can be, yet sometimes the question remains...How do we know what the healthiest choices are?

At THE PACK, we're committed to helping pet parents make the healthiest choices and we've gathered some of the most important information you need to know. Take notes―your doggo will thank you!

Did You Know It Is Estimated 50% Of Dogs Are Overweight? 

The PDSA has assessed the weight and general health of nearly 30,000 canine companions across the UK. Over that time, the percentage of overweight dogs seen has risen from around one-in three (35%) to more than half (50%).

Health Risks Include
Cushing's disease
Urinary incontinence
Back problems
Cruciate ligament problems
Breathing problems
Certain types of cancer
A reduced lifespan
Problems under an anaesthetic

Diet is incredibly important to your dogs weight.

You should measure the amount of food carefully for each meal and check recommended feeding amounts of the food you give to your dog.

You should also restrict the amount of treats you give your dog.

Exercise – Alongside a change in diet, will do wonders for your dogs weight and health. You should make sure that your dog is getting enough exercise, the amount of exercise your dog needs depends on their age, breed, and health.

Monitoring weight is vital for maintenance of health, this is more successful when you have regular weigh-ins. Many vets offer weight clinics and have scales you can use without an appointment. You should continue monitoring your dog’s weight regularly, even after they get to their ideal weight as this will help to keep them at their ideal size.

Did You Know That Plant-Based Dogs Can Live Up To 1.5 Years Longer?

Dodd et al. (2022) found that vegan dogs had better health including less issues with their vision, digestive and liver conditions. The study indicated that on average, dogs given plant based food lived up to the age of 14.1 years compared to dogs eating meat diets who largely lived up to 12.6 years.

The study urged vets to be more receptive to pet parents’ observations after respondents reported more positive views of the health of plant-fed dogs than those on a meat-based diet, based on seven indicators of wellness including appearance and behaviour, as well as instances of vomiting, inactivity or contact avoidance.

The findings follow a recent peer-reviewed study in the Plos One journal, which suggested dogs fed vegan diets were healthier and required fewer veterinary interventions, based on analysis of more than 2,500 animals.

Did You Know That Dogs Are Omnivores?

You will often hear or see people say, but dogs decended from Wolves, they need meat like their ancestors. Dogs aren’t wolves, how often do you see a pug or chihuahua hunting deer in the wild? 

It’s a misconception that they are carnivores that need just meat. Dogs have been human companions for centuries and have lived off the scraps from human diets – be that meat or veg. Unlike cats, which are obligate carnivores (cats need nutrients found in meat to survive), dogs can draw the nutrients they need from animal or plant sources. Switching your dog to a plant-based diet, or going flexitarian where you mix regular meat-based meals with some vegan, can really benefit your dog’s long-term health. 

Today’s dogs are omnivores, which means they can eat both meat and plants.

There have been a number of research studies looking at vegetarian or vegan diets for dogs. 

  • Dogs can get the nutrition they need on a vegan or vegetarian diet with the right nutritionalprofile (aka 100% nutritionally complete like THE PACK)
  • Lots of dogs love veggies, whether that be raw or cooked.
  • Plant-based dog food can be lower in calories than meat-based, perfect for those doggo's with a more rotund waistline... 

Vegan Dog Poo Is Less Smelly

Davies (2022) examined results from 100 dogs who had recently been fed only nutritionally complete vegan dog food. After 3-12 months, there were noticeable positive impacts on dog's itchiness, their coats were glossier and they had less dandruff and ear canal issues. Improvements in their mood were also noticed as aggressive behaviour and anxiety diminished. Whilst eating vegan dog food, owners reported less smelly stools and better stool frequency.

On the recently aired Channel 5 program titled 'Britain’s Dog Poo Scandal', Alexis Conran and vet Arielle Griffiths both claimed that vegan dog poo was in fact better smelling than the meat eater dog poo. Have you noticed a difference in your pooches poops since they've been eating THE PACK?


Did You Know That 90% Of B12 Supplements Produced In The World Are Fed To Livestock?

That’s right, in order to maintain meat as a source of B12 the meat industry now adds it to animal feed. Debunking the common misconception that B12 is only really found in animal products like meat, dairy and eggs…

B12 is essential to both human and canine diets and the best way to ensure you meet the necessary intake is through supplements. For your dogs, we have sourced vegan B12 to ensure their meals are 100% nutritionally complete.

Did You Know That Fish Get their Omega-3’s From Microalgae?

That's right, fish are not natural sources of omegas themselves. Omega−3 fatty acids are formed in the chloroplasts of green leaves and algae. Fish obtain omega-3 from the algae (microalgae in particular) and plankton consumed in their diets.

THE PACK meals are enriched with natural omegas from spirulina, dried alga, algae oil and olive oil. Providing your dog with all the necessary omegas to combat allergies, improve digestion, strengthen their immune system and reduce inflammation. All without harming any aquatic animals!

Did You Know That Between 66% - 73% Of All Antibiotics Worldwide Are Used In Farm Animals, Not People.

Much of this use is routine, and enables farm animals, most often pigs and poultry but sometimes also cattle, to be kept in poor conditions where disease spreads easily.

The use of antibiotics in animal farming — a major contributor to antimicrobial resistance — is expected to grow by 8% between 2020 and 2030.

This method of “modern farming” puts humans and our furry companions at great risk of antibiotic resistance. This is a serious concern throughout the world and it can lead to illnesses that are very hard to treat. Standard antibiotics for treating a disease may no longer work in these cases.

The best way to avoid antibiotic resistance In you and your doggo?

Researchers looked for antibiotic-resistant genes and both omnivores and vegetarians showed a significantly higher antibiotic resistant gene load in their guts compared with vegans. 

Did You Know That Dogs Have Around 2,000 Taste Buds Compared To 9,000 In Humans?

Dogs have the same taste classifications that humans do; meaning they can identify sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami. Dogs actually have a bit of a sweet tooth and love many fruits and vegetables. dogs love their natural flavours. Given the differences in taste buds between humans and dogs, we have very different palates and sensory experience when it comes to flavour. That's why THE PACK works with industry leading pet food scientists & nutritionists to carefully analyse what flavours dogs love and fill our meals with truly delicious premium, veggies, fruits and superfoods.

Umami is most commonly defined as “savoury”, but the characteristics of Umami can also be described as “meaty”, “complex” or even just “deliciousness”. This flavour in particular we really wanted to highlight in our taste profile, as dogs love that drool inducing "meaty" / "savoury" flavour and we've managed to pack our wet and dried food with drool inducing umami notes. 

A Treat For You This Veganuary

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If you have any questions at all about transitioning your dog to THE PACK, please email us at woof@thepackpet.com

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