Despite the increasing amount of scientific research suggesting that plant-based dog food is inherently healthier for your hound, many companies continue to insist that ‘premium’ pet food means meat, meat and more meat. Here at THE PACK, we think that’s barking mad! We know that ‘premium’ pet food means premium ingredients: ingredients that don’t include dodgy meat by-products, fattening offal or greasy chicken digest…

Instead, we pack our meals with plant-based superfoods, every bite bursting with nutrients that have specific health benefits for your pooch. Demonstrated in the lab to have high levels of digestibility (over 90%), each one of our drool-inducingly delicious dinners contains tailored ingredients that are scientifically proven to help your dog thrive.

Which Flavour Is Best For Your Furry Friend?

Our No-Cluck Casserole contains, among other superfoods, sunflower oil, kale, pumpkin seeds, algal oil and sunflower seeds, helping to keep coats shiny and skin glowing.

No-Fishy Dishy puts the emphasis on wellness and immunity, delivering plant-powered ingredients like pea protein, lupin beans and papaya (proven to aid digestion), antioxidant blueberries, fibrous butternut squash and red pepper, the latter delivering a hefty dose of vitamins A and C. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that fights cell damage, boosts immune system response to microbes and has an anti-inflammatory effect. And with all that colourful fruit and veg, your dog’s food looks as good as it tastes!

Finally, every dog who takes pride in his or her bite needs to be eating a regular portion of No-Moo Ragu, THE PACK’s beef-free bowls providing everything your hound needs for strong teeth and bones. Our hero ingredient here is broccoli, packed with calcium. And let’s not forget the healthy pea protein we use in every can of THE PACK to ensure your pup can deadlift his or her weight in veg…

Of course, if you want to give your dog a smorgasbord of health benefits (and who doesn’t?) you can buy a multi-flavour pack of three cans, making sure you cover all bases!

Hero Ingredients For Health And Vitality

In contrast to most commercial meat-based pet foods that contain one so-called ‘premium’ ingredient, meat, THE PACK gives your dog a huge variety of different superfoods, making sure that every health requirement is catered for. In human nutrition, we’re constantly told that variety is key to ensure a healthy diet, so why should dogs have it any different? Below, we’ve highlighted just a few of our favourite hero ingredients and the scientifically proven health benefits they have for your hound.


Unlike many pawrents, dogs don’t need much encouragement to gobble up their leafy greens! As well as being seriously tasty, supercharged kale contains a litter of vitamins, including vitamin A (an energy booster for dogs with minor deficiencies and great for skin too), vitamin E (a fat-soluble antioxidant that helps neutralize free radicals, a cause of cancer) and vitamin C (another antioxidant that can help reduce inflammation and cognitive aging). Kale helps the liver detoxify the body and has anti-inflammatory properties. Sold!


Not just for Halloween, pumpkin is low in calories and high in soluble fibre, helping maintain a healthy digestive tract. It’s also low in sodium and exceptionally high in carotenoids, potassium and our favourite, vitamin C.  With beta carotene, vitamin E, iron and folate, pumpkin strengthens your dog’s immune system, warding off germs and speeding up healing. So if your pup’s been in the wars, pumpkin is one of the very best things you can give him or her: bring on the No-Cluck Casserole!

Both pumpkin and kale, as well as two of our other superfood ingredients spinach and papaya, contain varying levels of one or more carotenoid (antioxidant) compounds. Recent research has highlighted how plant-derived ingredients like these provide many non-essential phytonutrients that have potential health benefits for dogs.  Three of these carotenoids (α-carotene, β-carotene and β-cryptoxanthin) are known as provitamin A carotenoids, meaning they can be converted to vitamin A which plays an essential role in a dog’s eye health and vision. Carotenoids absorb light (leading to less light damage) and act as antioxidants that may protect the retina and lens from oxidative damage. So it’s not just carrots that help our dogs see in the dark!

Fun fact: Because of the high number of light-sensitive rods within the retina of their eyes, dogs can already see movement and light in the dark much better than humans. Feeding THE PACK supercharges that superpower!

Nori (dried seaweed)

Dried edible seaweed is a Japanese staple but it’s not just for Shiba Inus! You might have had nori with your sushi, but your dog can skip the chopsticks and dive straight into a bowl of No-Fishy Dishy to get their seaweed hit. Nori contains protein, galactans (a soluble fibre), vitamins C, E and all the Bs, and minerals such as zinc and copper. It also contains some lesser-known sterols and chlorophyll, which have been suggested to help regulate metabolism. That means No-Fishy Dishy is a great choice when your hound’s looking a little heavy… but also if you want to boost immune function and anti-tumour responses. The nori we use is also low sodium, making sure that your dog’s salt intake is kept in check.


Loaded with phytochemicals, these tiny purple players are a great treat for your dog year-round as well as being a key ingredient in every one of THE PACK’s flavours. Blueberries get their deep blue colour from anthocyanidins, which are potent antioxidants (more immunity boosting stuff!) and they also supply vitamins C and E, manganese and fibre. As with every fibrous ingredient, feed them in moderation only though: otherwise you might find yourself out of poo bags faster than normal!


As well as being a godsend for smelly dog breath, curly-leafed parsley contains antioxidants, vitamins A, C and K, and folic acid. It’s also a known anti-inflammatory that supports your dog’s immune system, joints, kidneys and urinary tract.

Green Beans

It might be easiest to write what green beans don’t do for your dog… these little green tubes are full of protein, iron, calcium and vitamins B6, A, C, and K. And being packed with fibre and low in calories, they’re ideal for keeping dogs feeling full without making them pile on the pounds.

Chamomile & Dandelion

They might be two of the hippiest ingredients listed on our cans, but these two botanicals are guaranteed to keep your dog at their happiest and healthiest. Just as we sip chamomile tea to help us sleep, the flower has a mild sedative effect in dogs, helping muscles relax and offering more of those anti-inflammatory properties, ideal for keeping your dog relaxed and calm. Dandelion is another superfood botanical, supporting your dog’s kidney, heart and digestive tract. The yellow flower has antioxidant properties and can improve the immune system, while dandelion’s lecithin helps support the gallbladder, liver and skin.


What’s particularly appealing about THE PACK meals is that you can literally see pieces of these superfoods in your dog’s bowl – we don’t pulverise those tasty ingredients into an unrecognisable pulp, but make sure they retain their unique tastes and textures. That means that they not only keep your dog healthy and chasing tennis balls from dawn till dusk, but they make for happy mealtimes too! Each moist, juicy stew has been created with industry expert pet food technologists and animal nutritionists, ensuring all our meals are deliciously digestible, succulent and fulfilling. Winner, winner, plant-based dinner!


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