Plant-Powered Pawrents & Puptivists - Thank YOU

Plant-Powered Pawrents & Puptivists - Thank YOU

In this blog, we want to thank you for being part of THE PACK and the plant-powered community of pawrents & climate pup-tivists. Whether your pooch has been munching on THE PACK since September 2021 or they just finished their first taste of one of our three mouth-watering flavours (and are begging for more), you and your pooch are driving the plant-based movement forward, one foot and paw at a time.

“Is Plant-based Just A Fad?”

It’s pawsitively understandable for our community of pawrents to have originally overlooked the benefits of plant-based diets as simply a fad. With veganism on the rise in recent years, it could be expected that it will eventually fizzle out. Well, our loyal supporters would now have something to say:  plant-based eating is here to stay! In fact, plant-based eating isn’t anything new—Ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras and Renaissance polymath Leonardo da Vinci didn’t eat animal products for ethical and health reasons (and they were some top dogs!).

Here at THE PACK, we don’t like calling ‘plant-based’ a diet, as that suggests it is restrictive when it’s quite the opposite! Do you think the neighbourhood hounds are eating their doggy-5-a-day? We doubt it. In fact, most meat-based dog food is composed of animal by-products and meal, made up of the leftover parts of the animals (bones, beaks, organs, etc.) that humans won’t even dare touch. We’ll take pea-protein, lupin beans, and butternut squash over that any day!

So, Plant-based Isn’t Just For Hoomans…

With hoomans becoming increasingly conscious of what they eat, it’s no wonder they are starting to question what is being put in their pups’ tummies. Just like pet pawrents, dogs are omnivores, meaning they can live healthily (and in fact thrive!) on a plant-based or flexidogian diet. If you’re feeding your pooch exclusively plant-based meals like that from THE PACK, mixing it with their meat-based food or simply feeding it occasionally as a snack, not only are you adding important nutrients to your dog’s meals that will have them running around like a puppy again, but you are reducing your pup’s impact on the environment. Traditional dog food contributes to approximately a quarter of the environmental impacts of meat production, including mass land and water use and an increase in greenhouse gas emissions, making your pooch have a large carbon pawprint if following the rest of the meat-eating pack. Hooray for climate dog-ivists! 

Taking The Leap To Plant-based Dog Food

With the current climate crisis going on, the increasing spread of images showing animals suffering in agriculture and growing concerns over meat’s health effects (not to mention its production being responsible for the outbreak of multiple zoonotic diseases), THE PACK’s founders Damien Clarkson and Judy Nadel decided to take action by providing a sustainable, nutritious brand of dog food that would not be contributing to those previously mentioned phenomena. While Damien and Judy had the original vision and took a chance on this small but growing movement, if it weren’t for our community of pawrents taking the leap and making the decision for their pups to go plant-based (or flexidogian), you wouldn’t be reading this blog right now (and your pooch wouldn’t be so happy about meal-time).

Raising A Happy, Healthy Plant-based Dog

Education has always been a keystone of THE PACK’s plan to create widespread pawsitive change, and we’ve made it our mission to provide evidence-based information to help you make informed decisions about how you feed your fur children.

Over the last two + years, we have been cooking up healthy, delicious plant-based food that your dog will go barking mad for. But we’ve had another goal, one that’s just as important. We’ve been trying to spread the bark about the wider benefits of meat-free pet food: for your dog, for the planet and for other animals.

That’s why, we created a free eBook to explain exactly why plant-based dog food is so great for your pup, whether they’re a ‘vegan’ pooch or a flexidogian. 

Raising a Happy, Healthy, Plant-based Dog aims to make the science around dog nutrition accessible and to debunk mythologies around plant-based versus meat-based dog diets. It explores the health benefits of plant-based food and the science of omnivorous dogs, as well as the practicalities around meat-free feeding. 

Our eBook takes a deep dive into questions like ‘Where do Plant-based Dogs get their Protein?’ and ‘Will my Dog Like Plant-based Pet Food?’ It also offers some top tips to help your dog thrive mentally as well as physically, and shares tales of just a few of the happy, healthy plant-based dogs who are already living their very best lives. At the end of the eBook, you’ll find a list of resources to enable you to delve further into the topics explored.

Thanks For Being Part Of Our Pack

If your pooch has been a fan of THE PACK’s drool-inducing meals since we launched or you have been recently incorporating our plant-based meals in their diet, we want to take the time to thank you. By being part of our pack, not only are you helping grow our sustainable dog food company, but you have also become part of a bigger movement that is revolutionising what it means to be a healthy pooch and bringing terms such as “carbon pawprint” into the mainstream. You and your pooch are driving the plant-based movement forward. Who knew being part of a revolution could be so barking tasty?!

Without having given plant-based dog food a try for your beloved pups, there would be no THE PACK. We exist because of people like you who have made the decision to improve your pooch’s health all while saving animals and the Earth we live on, too. We cannot wait to show you what else we have in store with our Oven-Baked Dried Food which is launching later this summer (warning:  it will provoke intense drooling). On behalf of the Earth, farm animals, and your happy plant-based pup, we want to say thank you. You make our tails wag.

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