What Are Our Customers Saying About THE PACK?

What Are Our Customers Saying About THE PACK?

Since September 2021, we’ve been serving pupstomers around the UK nutritionally complete, plant-based wet meals in the form of three mouth-watering flavours:  No-Fishy Dishy, No-Cluck Casserole and No-Moo Ragu.

As a mission driven and ethical company, striving to do more for our pups, the planet and all of animal kind that call our planet home, we want to be transparent with our community and want to truly understand what our customers think of our company and food. So every quarter we will send out a survey to our community to get your much valued feedback, we will then share the results quarterly. This blog is covering the results from our first survey.

Average Rating:  Nearly Four And A Half Paws Up!

Pawrents of pooches munching on THE PACK have given us an average 4.45 (out of 5) star rating! Out of 226 reviews, 165 (equivalent to 73%) have rated THE PACK meals 5 stars, 26 pawrent (11.5%) have given our meals 4 stars and 17 reviewers (7.5%) 3 stars. We think these numbers are worthy of a round of a-paws!

Less than 8% of the reviews we’ve received are 2 stars or less. We are always grateful to receive constructive criticism to learn how we can improve our meals and make all our pawrents and pup-stomers happy. 

Pawrents’ And Pups’ Diets 

We recently conducted a survey to learn a bit more about our customers and their plant-based or flexidogian pooch that regularly eats THE PACK.

Out of the 125 human respondents, 93 (or 74.4%) describe themselves as ‘vegan’, 11 (8.8%) as ‘plant-based’ and 8 (6.4%) as ‘vegetarian’. These numbers are not surprising, given respondents’ main reasons for feeding their dog(s) THE PACK. Farm animal rights/welfare ranked at the top of this list, with 52% of respondents saying this factor is what motivated them to begin feeding their dog our plant-based meals. Other reasons that came up on top included health benefits (48.8%), environmental reasons (39.2%), flavour & variety (29.6%) and to reduce their dog’s meat intake (28.8%).

Not all pawrents that are choosing plant-based for their pooch are veggie-based themselves! Over 10% of respondents describe themselves as either ‘flexitarian’, ‘pescatarian’ or ‘meat-eaters’.

Before feeding their pups THE PACK, 50 respondents (or 40%) were already feeding their pooch plant-based food; 28 pawrents (22.4%) were serving their dogs exclusively meat-based food; 27 (21.6%) were feeding their dogs a mix of plant- and meat- or insect-based food; 8 (6.4%) were feeding their pup a raw meat diet; 4 (3.2%) were feeding their doggo home-cooked meals and 2 (1.6%) were feeding their furry companion insect-based food.

Since trying THE PACK, 67 (or 53.6%) of respondent’s furry friends now follow a fully plant-based diet. Fifty respondents’ pups (equivalent to 40%) have since become ‘flexigodian’, meaning they eat a mix of our plant-based food and meat-based or insect-based food. Three of our respondents (2.4%) said their pooch is meat-based but looking to try new foods while one respondent feeds their pooch home-cooked meals mixed with THE PACK.

These survey results have our imaginary tails wagging! Since giving THE PACK a try, 17 more respondents are feeding their pooch a plant-based diet, which is beneficial to their dog’s health, the lives of farmed animals and our planet (read more about the benefits of a plant-based diet for your pooch in our free e-book)! Our meals have also convinced many pawrents to mix their pooch’s meat-based meals with some plant-based goodness, making their pup a health-conscious ‘flexidogian’. Before trying THE PACK, 28 respondents said their pooch was eating solely meat-based food; after trying the pack, only 2 are sticking with that diet. Our pupstomers are paw-sitive that plant-based is the way to go!

Pawsitive Changes Since Feeding THE PACK

When pawrents were asked if they noticed any health or temperament benefits since switching their pooch to THE PACK, 59.2% of respondents said they had noticed a difference. Some of the main improvements pawrents saw in their pooch were improved stools, improved skin and coat and improved appetite. Some other responses included reduction in itching and scratching, improved energy levels, reduced gas, improved breath and improved joint health.

THE PACK is less than two years old and we’re already revolutionising what it means to be a happy, healthy pup. This is why Judy and Damien created THE PACK in the first place—to make more pooches reap the benefits of plant-based food, along with helping save the planet and other animals in the process.


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