Facts Not Fools!

Facts Not Fools!

We at THE PACK love joking around as much as the next pup, (Did you hear about THE PACK scones for dogs, coming soon?!but we are serious when it comes to the benefits of a plant-based diet for our four-legged friends (which, unfortunately, does not include scones).

In this blog, we’re listing some facts (not fools!) about why feeding your pooch THE PACK is beneficial to your pup (and therefore you), other animals and the Earth.

🐾  No cows were harmed in the making of our No-Moo Ragu

Did you know that cows enjoy problem-solving, being petted (just like our dogs!) and crave social interaction with other animals? In their natural environment, they often form lifelong friendships with other cows and are left devastated when a loved one has died or is separated from them. This is why we protect our cow friends by having no moo in our Ragu!

🐾  Chickens are all about our No-Cluck Casserole

Chickens are smart—and it’s not just because they’ve endorsed our No-Cluck Casserole! Chickens are highly intelligent (their cognitive skills are similar to those of a dog or cat) and self-aware (meaning they can distinguish themselves from others). Chickens can dream and have incredible memories—being able to remember 100 other chicken or human faces based on their facial features for extended periods of time. Chickens, like cows, form strong friendships and are close to their family members; mother hens cluck softly to their unborn chicks and when a loved one has died, the surviving companion often dies soon after due to extreme levels of grief and heartbrokenness. So much for the common belief that dogs are the only unconditional loving beings!

🐾  Fish are friends (and they’re smart, too)

Despite not being furry and walking on four paws, fish are incredible, sentient beings. Some species can recognise other fish and human faces (including their predators!) for months; some use tools (e.g., rocks) to open shells such as clams and mussels to eat, which demonstrates complex problem-solving abilities. They enjoy playing with one another and are artists—some species create art in the sand to attract mates. We at THE PACK have got fishes’ backs by getting pooches hooked on our No-Fishy Dishy.

🐾  Ruff-ly 50% of dogs in the UK are overweight

Vets in the UK have estimated that nearly half of the dogs in the country are overweight—increasing those pooches’ risk of developing health problems and having a shortened lifespan.

🐾  Commercial meat-based dog food is made up of questionable ingredients

Most traditional, meat-based doggie kibble and wet canned food is made with animal by-products, which can include animal feathers, hair, horns and hoof cuts. Gulp. We wish we were pranking you about this.

🐾  Plant-based diets can increase your pup’s longevity

The above fact was quite depressing, but we have good news! Putting your pup on a plant-based (or flexitarian) diet can increase your pup’s longevity by helping them maintain a healthy weight and not having them consume any of the yucky stuff found in traditional, meat-based dog food.

🐾  The longest-living dog was plant-based

At one time, the Guinness World Record for the world’s oldest-living dog was held by a plant-based pooch! Bramble, a Border Collie from the UK, ate exclusively veggie meals and lived until the ripe old age of 25—nearly double the average for her breed. We’re not guaranteeing a fountain of youth for your pup by eating our plant-based meals, but it certainly won’t hurt!

🐾  Meat-based dog food is responsible for about 3% of CO2 emissions from farming

In 2020, research from the University of Edinburgh revealed that the pet food industry is responsible for as much CO2 emissions as one sixth of global flights. Yikes—that’s a hefty carbon pawprint! Imagine the impact pups (and their owners!) could make by going plant-based.

It's a fact that joining our PACK will have an incredible impact—for farmed animals, the planet and your pooch.

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