Black Friday? You Must Be Barking!

Black Friday? You Must Be Barking!

This Black Friday & Cyber Monday we’re not doing discounts, dodgy deals or silly sales, oh no.

Vegan dog food may not be the first thing that springs to your mind when you think of Black Friday and Cyber Monday but here at THE PACK we are pushing this topic to the front.

We decided that a better way to spend Black Friday and Cyber Monday was by joining forces with our charity partner Underdog International to feed dogs in need all over the world. Because let’s be honest, how much more stuff from Amazon do we need?

Did you know that last year, Amazon's CO2 emissions rose by 19%, this means a staggering 60.64 million metric tons of carbon dioxide was produced by the company. That's the equivalent of burning through 140 million barrels of oil. Yep.

We are asking you to treat your pup to some of our delicious vegan dog food and in-return for every can sold we will donate the equivalent number of cans to Underdog International who will give these meals to dogs in need.

So why Underdog International?

Honestly from the moment we (Damien and Judy) came across Underdog International we have been obsessed. They are the most warm hearted people who are helping rescue dogs find homes and promoting understanding and compassion between dogs and children.

The world would be a better place if the empathy, kindness and strength of relationship Underdog promote was taught to all children around the world.

Help us support this wonderful cause and feed dogs in need by ordering THE PACK meals over the coming days. 

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