Calling All Dogs - Sniff Out Our Doggy Adverts Across London

Calling All Dogs - Sniff Out Our Doggy Adverts Across London

Hey Humans! Hey Doggies! 

This Veganuary at THE PACK, we wanted to make a bold statement that the plant-powered pet food revolution is well and truly underway here in the UK.

To celebrate the arrival of plant-based dog food in the mainstream we have launched the UK’s first ever plant-based dog food outdoor advertising campaign on phone boxes across London. These ads are aimed at both dogs and their pet parents, we’re a company that puts dogs first, so why not aim our ads at them?

In these adverts we pose to pet parents that a plant-based diet isn’t just for them whilst also reminding our furry friends that they are omnivores. These adverts are interactive for dogs and are specially scented to lure in pooches whilst pet parents who scan the QR code on the advert could win a year's supply of our vegan dog food.

You can find our game-changing ads positioned on phone boxes around dog friendly neighbourhoods and close to parks from today Thursday 20th January for a month:

  • Barnes Bridge Station, Barnes
  • Kings Road, Chelsea
  • Near Regents Park Road, Primrose Hill
  • Southend Green Road, Hampstead
  • Haverstock Hill, Belsize Park
  • Chalk Farm Road, Chalk Farm
  • Fortis Green Road, Muswell Hill
  • Angel Station, Islington
  • Upper Street, Islington
  • Highbury & Islington Station, Islington
  • Old Street Station, Hackney
  • Broadway Market, Hackney
  • Mare Street, Hackney

We would love for you to join in with the fun and spread the message that plant-based dog food offers a great way for dogs to eat.

If you spot one of our adverts be sure to take a snap and share your photo with us on social tagging @thepackpet we will be sure to share the best ones. Don’t forget to scan the QR code on the advert for that chance to win a year’s free supply of our vegan dog food.

Vegan Dog Food Is Mainstream 

We felt that now was the right time to launch a campaign like this. The imperative to get dogs eating more plants full-time or joining our growing PACK of flexi-dogians couldn’t be greater. We are facing a health crisis in the dog population and we all need to reconsider the way we are eating to combat the climate crisis and this includes our pups diet.

At THE PACK we are dedicated to shouting from the rooftops about the benefits of plant-based dog food and how it is changing the world. We are following in the pawsteps of human plant-based brands like allplants, Oatly, THIS! & BOL in putting game changing plant-based products in the gaze of the capital. We are taking this mainstream with the support of you, our amazing community.

The momentum around pet parents choosing more sustainable foods for their dogs is simply incredible. Vegan dog food has been grabbing the headlines. In recent weeks here at THE PACK, we’ve spoken with the likes of the Financial Times and The Guardian about how plant-based dog food is set to transform the pet food landscape by offering dog parents healthier and more sustainable choices.

We hope you and your pooch love our dog-first adverts. It has been an absolute joy putting this together and giving plant-based dog food the platform it deserves. This is our chance together as a community to show everyone that this is the future of pet food!

If you are new to THE PACK you can get 40% off your first order using PACKVEG40 at checkout. Enjoy celebrating Veganuary with your furry best friend.

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