Introducing - THE PACK's Oven Baked Crunchy Feast

Introducing  - THE PACK's Oven Baked Crunchy Feast

When THE PACK unleashed our wet food back in 2021, we hoped to convince pawrents that plant-based pet food is the way forward. But we had no idea just how pawsitive the reception to our three flavours would be! Over the last two years, we’ve received such incredible feedback from satisfied pawrents and their drooling dogs that we wanted to expand our range even further.

We’ve talked in the past about the importance of giving your dog choices and we know that the texture of wet food isn’t for every pooch. It can also be more difficult to feed on the go, in puzzle feeders or as bite-sized treats, and some pups just simply prefer kibble. That’s why we have launched a brand-new product to sit alongside our wet foods: our oven baked vegan dry dog food is here and ready to revolutionise the way pawrents feed their dogs! 

What exactly is in THE PACK’s dry food?

If you’re used to the myriad of premium plant-powered superfoods contained in our wet food cans, you won’t be disappointed! We’ve packed in an variety of nutritious and functional plant-based ingredients, including dried sweet potato, pumpkin, apple, green peas and other vegetables like spinach, tomato and beetroot, dried fruits like cranberry and blueberry, plus botanicals and herbs, peanut butter, naked oats and olive oil. 

To spotlight just a few of these slobber-stimulating ingredients, sweet potato is one of the best dietary sources of vitamin A for dogs, promoting healthy skin, coat, eyes, nerves and muscles, as well as being a rich source of vitamins C, B6, potassium, calcium and iron. With beta carotene, vitamin E, iron and folate, pumpkin strengthens your dog’s immune system, warding off germs and speeding up healing. Green peas supply essential vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre to your hound, the protein punch boosting energy levels while being gentle on the digestive system. We also include algae oil, a powerful source of Omega-3 fatty acids which keep your dog’s skin supple and their coat shiny.

What other benefits will our dry food give your dog?

A packet of THE PACK’s baked food contains five major sources of plant protein, supplying no less than 25g protein per 100g. To put that in context, adult dogs need 18-25% protein to maintain their health, which means we’re delivering an extremely generous dose. But what’s most important is the quality of that protein and, as we’ve seen, THE PACK put the emphasis on the very best natural ingredients. Crafted with an expert pet food technologist and nutritionist, our kibble is 100% nutritionally complete.

The other key thing with protein is how digestible it is. There’s no point in supplying lots of great amino acids if your dogs can’t break them down and use them within their bodies. The Vet Times states that the digestibility of dry matter in dog foods should be more than 80%, and having tested our kibble carefully in the lab (cruelty free, of course) we’re confident that the digestibility of our food is over 93%. That means your dog is absorbing more protein, nutrients and essential fatty acids than most of those hounds eating meaty kibble. 

Our food also supports a healthy microbiome with pre- and post-biotics, meaning your dog’s digestion will be healthier than ever! Supporting a thriving gut, THE PACK’s kibble acts like a multivitamin for your dog's immune system, digestive health and wellbeing. You’ll see this reflected in healthy stools, a waggier tail (our food helps maintain vitality) and livelier, more playful pups. Our food also supports joints for more comfortable walks and, best of all, a more active and longer life.  

How do we produce our dried food?

Unlike the majority of dry dog food producers, we oven bake our ingredients rather than extruding them. When pet food is extruded, the ingredients are compressed and cooked at very high temperatures and pressures, removing a lot of the good stuff in the process. We do the opposite of this by slow cooking THE PACK food in the oven at lower temperatures, meaning all those amazing superfoods maintain their essential nutrients and flavours. 

Not only does our food offer a higher nutritional value compared to regular kibble dog food, but we’re able to bring out all the smells and flavours of these drool-inducing ingredients. That makes THE PACK a far tastier option for your dog than bland, flavourless kibble! In fact, many pet food companies will add unhealthy meat-based fats and oils to their kibble after processing, to trick dogs into eating what is essentially bland biscuits. We don’t need to do this, because slow baking keeps all the tastiness of those natural ingredients – our early studies have confirmed that dogs prefer THE PACK’s dry food to leading meat-based kibbles!

How much dried food should my dog be eating?

Oven baking not only preserves the integrity of the plant-powered protein sources and essential vitamins alongside the taste, but also produces a kibble that’s denser than an extruded biscuit. That means you don’t have to feed your dogs as many for them to feel full and to meet their nutritional needs, keeping costs down and also avoiding obesity – your dog won’t be consuming lots of empty calories.

We’ve included clear feeding guidelines on our packaging, making sure that your dog is receiving exactly what they need according to their weight. We also have a feeding calculator on the product shop page so you can work out exactly what your dog needs. To give you an idea, a small dog weighing between 5-10 kilograms would require 103-174g of kibble per day, depending on where they fall within that scale. A much bigger dog, weighing 40-50kg, would need between 491-580g of our kibble. We have recommendations for dogs weighing anything from 2kg to 80kg so rest assured that our food is for every breed, from Chihuahua to Great Dane! 

When can I get my paws on your new product? 

We launched our Pre Orders on Friday 1st September 2023. To celebrate, we are running a limited time only 30% off on all Pre Orders. Simply enter the code OVENBAKED at checkout. 

It doesn't stop there either. All Pre Orders are automatically entered into our giveaway to win 1 YEAR OF FREE DOG FOOD worth OVER £1,000. 

So keep an eye out for our launch on Friday morning and you can be the first to shop our groundbreaking new product AND get the chance to win our £1,000+ giveaway. 

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