Eco Friendly Gifts for Your Dog This Woof-mas

Eco Friendly Gifts for Your Dog This Woof-mas

It’s the most waggie-ful time of the year!

If your pooch made it on Santa Paws’ good list this year (and let’s be real—they’ll be on that list, even if they did chomp on all your electronics chargers throughout the year!), they deserve only the best quality, environmentally friendly gifts that align with their dogivist values.

In this blog, we’re listing our top picks for eco toys and accessories that will make your pup’s howl-iday paw-fection!

🎁 Make a statement with leather-free collars from Hiro + Wolf

Hiro + Wolf’s range of vegan leather collars are what all the doggos are putting on their Christmas wish list. These collars will not only stop other pups in their tracks due to their unique, fashionable designs, but they are also durable and comfortable for the lucky pooch sporting them. These collars were handmade and designed in the UK with your dog’s safety and style in mind. What’s more, for each collar ordered, Hiro + Wolf donates £1 to the local vegan animal sanctuary The Retreat Animal Rescue. How pawesome is that?!

🎁 Ruff and tough toys from Beco

Does your dog go nuts on Christ-mutts, destroying their new toy before your family has finished opening the rest of their gifts? If this sounds like your pooch, we recommend one of Beco’s ‘Recycled Rough & Tough Eco Dog Toys’. Our suggestion? Choose their adorable Rough & Tough Dolphin, as 100% of its profits are donated to Seawilding—an organisation working to protect and restore marine habitats. Another fur-ball favourite is the Rough & Tough Orangutan, with 10% of each purchase going towards Sumatra Orangutan Society—an organisation working to protect the Sumatra rainforest and its inhabitants, including real life orangutans! These gifts that keep on giving are made from 100% recycled materials, making for a more sustainable gift while not skipping out on quality; the panels of these toys were woven together with double stitching and have been reinforced with a second layer of cloth. As for these toys’ squeakers, they are loud and puncture proof, meaning you’ll be able to unwind the night of the 25th to the soothing sounds of squeeeak!

🎁 Stimulate your pup’s mind with a puzzle from K9 Interactive Games

We’ve previously discussed how impawtant it is to stimulate your pooch’s mind, which is why the Interactive IQ Dog Game: Watson made it on our wish list and will be on your dog’s, too. This toy and its packaging are made from 100% recycled materials. With a difficulty rating of two paws out of five, this game will keep your Sherlock Hound occupied for hours as they try to shift the bone-shaped sliders to reveal hidden treats (or some of our savoury dry kibble!). There’s also a centre section that can hide hidden goodies for your pup. Think this puzzle will be too challenging for your four-legged friend? Try having them start with Interactive IQ Dog Game: Clouseau, which has a difficulty rating of one paw out of five. Think these games might be too easy for your Sherlock Bones? See if your pooch can crack the Interactive IQ Dog Game: Cracker puzzle, with a difficulty level of five paws out of five! If any of these games prove to be too challenging for your dog, help them find their way to the treats before they turn into the Grinch!

🎁 Play fetch or tug-of-war with Goodchap’s rope toys

Think natural rope toys can’t stand the test of time (or slobber)? You must be barking! For the fetch- or tug-loving mutts, we’re putting Goodchap’s Eco Ball on our list—the eco-friendly alternative to traditional tennis ball and rope toys. This toy is made from 100% unbleached cotton, making for a more durable strength tug toy by keeping its material in its natural state. Its natural fibres work double time by helping keep your dog’s teeth and gums clean while providing hours of fun. Handmade in Somerset using knotting and weaving techniques and absent of any harmful glues, dyes or fixing agents, this toy is recyclable, biodegradable and compostable! Can we hear a woof, woof?!


Buying presents for a pack of pups? You won’t regret opting for Goodchap’s Rope Toy Bundle, which includes one Eco Ball, one Pulley Rope, one Eco Fetch, and one ‘2 Knot Pulley’—all eco and entertaining gifts that will have your hounds howling, Santa Paws is comin’ to town…


🎄 We at THE PACK wish you all a very happy Christ-mutts and a yappy New Year!

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