What Do Dogs Think About Our New Plant-Based Dry Kibble?

What Do Dogs Think About Our New Plant-Based Dry Kibble?
Since the release of our ‘Oven Baked Crunchy Feast’ dry kibble last month, dogs around the UK cannot stop barking about how scrumptious it is! Gone now are the days when pawrents would believe their pooch is only enticed by ‘meaty’ dog food. Our pupstomers are here to say that they want quality, delicious dog food—and it just so happens to be vegan and cruelty free. Winner winner, plant-based dinner!

What Makes Our Oven-Baked Dry Food So Palatable?

In our past blog about the history of commercial dog food, we went over the not-so-appetising process in which traditional, meat-based dog kibble is made. Essentially, most animal-based kibble is extruded kibble, meaning it is cooked at extremely high temperatures, making its already questionable ingredients (beaks and feathers, anyone?) lose up to 40% of their protein, vitamins and minerals. This process also strips the ingredients of any flavour they would originally have, meaning the bland kibble needs to be sprayed with a palatant (artificial flavours) to get pooches interested. As if that’s not off-pawtting enough for any pawrent to hear, the highly processed method of making traditional dog food allows for pockets of air to get into the kibble, creating a dull bite for their four-legged friend. Why do other brands do this? Well…that’s simply because it’s cheaper and easier. Their focus is making profits and not giving your dog delicious highly palatable, highly digestible food that they’ll love and thrive on.
Instead of following the big-dog-food business in its tracks, we at THE PACK are all about preserving the best of our quality ingredients so that each chomp your pooch takes of our kibble fills them with healthy goodness and enjoyment! Unlike almost all other brands out there (and every other plant-based brand on the market which is cooked via the extruded process), THE PACK has chosen to oven cook our dry food at lower temperatures and for longer, locking in flavours and nutrients. THE PACK are the 1st plant-based brand in Europe to cook our dry food this way! Our careful process for making our Oven Baked Crunchy Feast has also allowed our pieces of kibble to have a unique, ultra-crunchy texture that is appealing and satisfying for pooches to munch on, unlocking flavour with every bite, meaning unlike all the other plant-based options out there… there’s no need for any palatants to be sprayed on to mask the lack of flavour or quality of the kibble, as our premium ingredients flavours are locked in during our cooking process, making naturally tasty and nutritious bites!
Some pawrents may be wondering why our dried food is a little more expensive than other plant-based brands. The reason is simple, we care about your dogs dinner. We strive for it to be the most delicious option available, cooked in the best possible process, packed with the most tasty ingredients, full of functional ingredients to support your dogs health. Plus, we have added Pre & Post Biotics to boost the health of your dogs gut microbiome which can boost your dogs immunity and better absorb nutrients from our meals.

Top Quality Ingredients For Top Dogs

Okay, so now you know about the wonders of Oven Baking our food instead of extruded cooking. You’re probably wondering what sort of spell we cast onto our plant-based dog food for dogs to be so hooked on it, but the answer is truly in the array of superfood ingredients we use. We worked with expert pet food technologists to create a naturally scrumptious ‘umami’ (delicious and savoury) flavour that dogs simply cannot resist. Whether it’s our green peas and sweet potato, apples and dried algae, or beetroots and blueberries—our mix of naturally tasty, nutrient-rich ingredients offer something for every pup, even the pickiest, so that not only are their bodies replenished and healthier, but their taste buds and minds are happier, too.


Dogs Prefer THE PACK Over Leading Meat & Plant Based Competitors

Not convinced yet? Throw us an eco-bone! Ok, maybe this will get you there; in a recent two pan taste test in which dogs were given the choice of THE PACK’s Crunchy Feast and the leading meat-based competitor’s chicken-based dry food, dogs overwhelmingly chose THE PACK—nearly 3 times more than the competitor! We Shih Tzu you not!
Dogs also overwhelmingly preferred THE PACK to a leading plant-based competitor… so when we say our new Oven Baked Crunchy Feast is the tastiest on the market for your doggo, we have the science to prove it!

Don’t trust our word on it? Hear what pawrents (typing on behalf of our happy pupstomers) have to say:

“It’s a phenomenon. My dog family think THE PACK’s oven baked crunchy feast is an actual treat. It's already one of their preferred rewards! I knew THE PACK would boot it out of the park & they've managed to exceed my already astronomical expectations. they get so excited about their meals now & I can't wait to see how the food transforms their health. THANK YOU!” 
“Our boys adore it. It's the perfect size and brilliant ingredients. When it gets to about 11:30am, I'll find one of them just standing at the food cupboard waiting for their lunch to arrive... that never happened when they were eating the Omni dry food.”
“I ordered a sample of Oven Baked Crunchy Feast and my dog loved it! We will be ordering more, we are already using THE PACK's wet food. My dog is usually very fussy with her food but she loved THE PACK, her favourite is No Moo Ragu.”
“When THE PACK parcel was delivered to our door our dog Tramp actually managed to open the parcel himself - there was definitely something yummy inside! Having been a subscriber to THE PACK wet food for over a year, the dry kibble did not disappoint. Great packaging with lots of nutritional information, and our dog absolutely loved it. As vegan humans and a vegan dog we are so happy with THE PACK products that are available. Tramp gives them a 10/10”
“Full of goodness and nutrition, my three dogs love it alongside THE PACK wet food. They often struggle with jiffy tummies after trying a new brand but no problems with THE PACK. Will buy again!”
"I'm subscribed to Omni. However, I do prefer THE PACK dry food - it works as a main food and also as a training treat, which is a big bonus. I’m considering changing my subscription!"
“My very fussy dog loves your dry food; he is excited about mealtimes again.”
“My dog really seems to enjoy it unlike other veggie/vegan brands.”
“My dog really likes it, his poos are bigger, makes me think it has more fiber. I love the paper packaging as well”.

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