Eco-Friendly Presents For Your Dog

Eco-Friendly Presents For Your Dog

It’s the Howl-iday season and there’s no one more deserving to be pampered than humans’ best friend. Since the holidays are typically synonymous with overconsumption and mass-waste accumulation, we’ve picked out some eco-friendly gifts from sustainable companies that will give your pup the Happiest Christ-mutts ever! Check out these amazing gifts from five brands that will have your pooch howling Santa Paws is comin’ to town…

If your pup is on Santa Paw’s Nice List this year (and let’s face it, they all are!), we know they’ll be overjoyed to receive a gift from the brand Hiro + Wolf. Started by accessories designer Amy Fleuriot-Reade and animal lover Bee Friedmann after meeting each other while walking their pooches (Hiro and Wolf) in London, the two decided to create a company of fashionable dog apparel. Your pup will have all the waggies when they wake up on Christmas morning to one of the brand’s designer dog jumpers, available in 3 unique designs that will have all the pooches turning their heads as they pass you two on walks. If your dog likes to stand out with a statement piece, we suggest gifting them with this Starry Night adjustable dog collar, which is as comfortable as it is stylish. Your pooch begging Santa for something a little fancier, perhaps for the neighbourhood hound Christmas party? We suggest Hiro + Wolf’s Starry Night dog bow tie. If your dog is more interested in playing with a squeaky new toy than attending a doggie social, put this Cowardly Lion crochet dog toy under the Christmas tree—since these are handcrafted and no two toys are exactly alike, your pooch will be getting an original gift that was made with love and is built to last even the toughest bites.

Get 15% off EVERYTHING from Hiro + Wolf by using the discount code THE-PACK-15. Valid until midnight on 1st January on all orders.

Another great brand to purchase eco-friendly presents for your pooch is bearkind. Created by Louise (hooman) and Bear (doggo), this company prides itself for being vegan and eco-conscious, helping pawrents make smarter consumer choices that help reduce their pup’s carbon pawprint. Bearkind’s Christmas line includes winter-themed compostable poo bags, a tree design enrichment lick mat and some vegan gingerbread soft-baked chews. Can’t decide on just one gift? Create your own box which can be filled with up to 7 products that will have your pup howling I’m dreaming of a bearkind Christmas…

Get 20% off EVERYTHING from Bearkind using the discount code THEPACK20.

If your pooch is known to rip their present to pieces just hours after receiving it on Christmas morning, this penguin ‘rough & tough’ dog toy from Pets of the Earth is for them. Composed of recycled cloth and stuffing made from recycled plastic, this company knows how to make products that will make both your pup and the Earth happy. These toys are double stitched, reinforced with a second layer of cloth and have a puncture proof squeaker, meaning this toy will certainly make it long into the new year. If your dog would rather chomp on something that can be consumed, we recommend filling their stocking with these vegan carrot & turmeric biscuits. These treats are made from 6 natural and organic ingredients that are not only tasty but contain anti-inflammatory and digestive properties, while also being enriched with omega-3 flaxseed oils to promote a shiny coat. As if that’s not good enough, with each purchase from Pets of the Earth, they will plant a tree on you and your dog’s behalf to help in the fight against climate change. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! 

Use the discount code POTE15 to get 15% off EVERYTHING from Pets of the Earth.

Another feel-good gift that your pooch of any age and size will enjoy is Project Blu’s eco-friendly stuffed bone toy. Its fabric is made from recycled cotton and ocean-bound plastic, making it a surprisingly soft toy with high durability. If your four-legged-bestie already has all the chew toys, treats and stylish jumpers that a pup could wish for, you should consider gifting them with Barc London’s dog grooming bundle. The bundle consists of three wellness essentials, including shampoo, body spray and a mixing bottle that can be used to create the perfect foam, ensuring that every drop of shampoo goes a long way. The shampoo and body spray are 100% vegan and suitable for dogs with sensitive skin. Someone is going to be smelling fabulous just in time for the new year!

It is important that our dogs are enriched by toys that are still intact, kept warm by cosy jumpers and drool over yummy treats. It is also essential that we continue to give our furry friends the most precious gift of all, this holiday season and beyond:  love.

To all our customers, whether you stand on four legs or two:  May your Christmas be furry and bright!

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