Happy World Vegan Day!

Happy World Vegan Day!

Happy World Vegan Day to all our plant powered pups, flexi-dogians, and you humans

It is an exciting time for all you change-making pawrents and your furry companions who are standing side by side, hand in paw, taking on the health and climate crisis together.

Our goal at THE PACK is to get as many plants and lots of variety into every dog bowl so as a way to say thank you for all your support and to celebrate World Vegan Day in style, we're offering 30% off your next order.

Simply head to our shop, select our vegan dog food and use the code PLANTPUP30 at the checkout. This code is available to claim for the whole month of November as a one-off purchase. 

Our pack are doing things differently

This World Vegan Day starts with the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow taking place. The good news is that dog parents can play a positive role in tackling the climate crisis by switching to vegan dog food. Recently at THE PACK we worked with data scientists to run a Carbon Dioxide equivalent (CO2e) study of our food. We compared it against a market leading meat brand and found that the beef dog food created 5.52 times more CO2e than our No-Moo Ragu vegan dog food.

This World Vegan Day we encourage pet parents to start thinking of the climate crisis when making purchasing decisions for their dogs, as little changes like turning your dog flexi-dogian or fully switching to plant-based food for your dog can make a big difference and it’s important we start to transform the pet food industry by making conscious purchasing decisions.

Not only would adding more plants into your dogs bowl help with the climate crisis it will also help with the growing health crisis in dogs. Did you know that 51% of pups are either overweight or obese? We believe this is partly down to what our pups are eating and we are here to help change this with our nutritionally complete and balanced meals. 

The future of pet food

We have all the seen the epic shift of perceptions and availability of plant-based products happen over the past few years. At THE PACK we see the same happening in the pet food space too. 

Just a few years ago there were extremely limited pet food options across Europe. We can tell you from our first hand experience the pet-food industry is rapidly changing and plant-based proteins are being seen by even the biggest companies in the industry as a big part of the future. Exciting times ahead for all pet parents wanting to make better choices for their pets and the planet. 

Finally we want to end this by saying well done to all you caring pawrents who are going against the dominant grain and standing up for what you believe in. Just like how plant-based has gone mainstream in the human food space this will happen in the pet food space too in time. We all need to stand united together as one big pack and wag tails, not fingers! 

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