Plant-Based Dog Food Pact On Earth Day

Plant-Based Dog Food Pact On Earth Day

Take THE PACK Plant Pact This Earth Day

Dogs, did you know that your meaty dog food is making our planet sick?

Pet parents, have you ever considered your dog’s environmental pawprint?

This Earth Day with THE PACK Plant Pact, we’re asking dogs around the world to add more plants into their bowl.

You could start small by swapping your meaty treats for plant-based treats, or go flexitarian (or as we like to say, flexi-dogian) and split your meaty food with plant-based food. Or maybe you’re ready to go all the way and switch over to a nutritionally complete and balanced plant-based food full-time!

By taking this pact, you’re creating pawsitive change by lowering your environmental pawprint and helping to save our planet. After all, what self-respecting pooch wants to live in a world without trees to wee on?

If you’re already a plant-based dog, you can still take the pact too: the more signatures we get, the more THE PACK Plant Pact will be seen.

We're delighted to be giving dog parents options to reduce their pups' environmental pawprint. This Earth Day is the perfect opportunity to start exploring plant-based food for dogs. If every dog became a flexi-dogian we can take a big bite out of the climate crisis

Sign THE PACK Plant Pact now

So this Earth Day, why not be part of the positive solution to tackling the climate crisis and add more plants to your dog's bowl? You can get 20% off THE PACK vegan dog food using the code EARTH20 at checkout. Just head to our shop here.

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