Raising a Happy, Healthy, Plant-based Dog – A FREE eBook!

Raising a Happy, Healthy, Plant-based Dog – A FREE eBook!

To celebrate Veganuary 2023, THE PACK has launched the world’s first eBook on raising a plant-based dog in collaboration with Plant Based News. 

Education has always been a keystone of THE PACK’s plan to create widespread pawsitive change, and we’ve made it our mission to provide evidence-based information to help you make informed decisions about how you feed your fur children.

Over the last two years, we have been cooking up healthy, delicious plant-based food that your dog will go barking mad for. But we’ve had another goal, one that’s just as important. We’ve been trying to spread the bark about the wider benefits of meat-free pet food: for your dog, for the planet and for other animals.

That’s why, in partnership with Plant Based News, we’ve created a free eBook to explain exactly why plant-based dog food is so great for your pup, whether they’re a ‘vegan’ pooch or a flexidogian. 

Raising a Happy, Healthy, Plant-based Dog aims to make the science around dog nutrition accessible and to debunk mythologies around plant-based versus meat-based dog diets. It explores the health benefits of plant-based food and the science of omnivorous dogs, as well as the practicalities around meat-free feeding. 

Our eBook takes a deep dive into questions like ‘Where do Plant-based Dogs get their Protein?’ and ‘Will my Dog Like Plant-based Pet Food?’ It also offers some top tips to help your dog thrive mentally as well as physically, and shares tales of just a few of the happy, healthy plant-based dogs who are already living their very best lives. At the end of the eBook, you’ll find a list of resources to enable you to delve further into the topics explored.

The real-life stories from pawrents of plant-based or flexitarian pooches in the book reflect another part of THE PACK’s purpose: to build a community for those who are feeding, or are interested in feeding, plant-based diets to their dogs. We’ll consider our mission achieved if you share the link to this eBook with your fellow pawrents, so they can download a copy for themselves. Plus, we have included an exclusive 30% off your next order in the eBook so you and your fur child can enjoy our delicious plant-based meals. By adding momentum to the plant-powered pet food movement, you’ll ensure that more and more dogs are raised as healthily, happily, compassionately and sustainably as they can possibly be!

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