Welcome 2023 & Happy Veganuary

Welcome 2023 & Happy Veganuary

We hope all you pawrents and pooches had a lovely festive break and feel ready to take on 2023. THE PACK team had a lovely break and can’t wait to reveal what we have planned for this year. 

2022 was a jam packed year for us - we launched our single flavour packs, exhibited at events such as Interzoo, Vegan Nights & Plant-Based World Expo and had our first birthday! We also grew our amazing community and witnessed the growth of the plant powered dog food movement. We also made our first hire with Adam Wakefield, our incredible Marketing & Comms Manager and his dog Pablo who assists Adam with important tasks when he’s not napping and barking at squirrels in the garden. 

Now we are at the start of a fresh new year and are setting intentions for the year ahead this is a great time to think about Veganuary. For anyone who is new to Veganuary it is a campaign happening throughout the month of January where you can try being vegan and be part of a supportive community to help you with recipe ideas and any questions. 

The great part is that you can share Veganuary with your furry companion. If you are looking to reduce meat and dairy in yours and your pooches diet, or if you want to fully switch to a vegan diet it has never been easier. 

So, plant-based isn’t just for hoomans…

With hoomans becoming increasingly conscious of what they eat, it’s no wonder they are starting to question what is being put in their pups’ tummies. Just like pet pawrents, dogs are omnivores, meaning they can live healthily (and in fact thrive!) on a plant-based or flexidogian diet. If you’re feeding your pooch exclusively plant-based meals like that from THE PACK, mixing it with their meat-based food or simply feeding it occasionally as a snack, not only are you adding important nutrients to your dog’s meals that will have them running around like a puppy again, but you are reducing your pup’s impact on the environment. Our No Moo Ragu for example, has up to 17.6x less CO2e than a meat based equivalent. Traditional dog food contributes to approximately a quarter of the environmental impacts of meat production, including mass land and water use and an increase in greenhouse gas emissions, meaning your pooch has a large carbon pawprint if they’re following the rest of the meat-eating pack. Hooray for climate dog-ivists! 

Meat Free Monday & Muttday! 

If going fully vegan for both yourself and your pooch feels too much, how about doing a Meat Free Monday/Muttday? Starting with one day a week where you and your pooch are eating plant-based is a great way to try vegan food out, get some recipe inspiration and still have a positive impact on the planet. 

Thanks for being part of our PACK

We want to thank you all - our amazing community of pawrents and furry friends that supported us last year. Whether your pooch has been munching on THE PACK since September 2021 or they just finished their first taste of one of our three mouth-watering flavours (and are begging for more). You and your pooch are driving the plant-based movement forward, one foot and paw at a time.

By being part of our pack, not only are you helping grow our sustainable dog food company, but you have also become part of a bigger movement that is revolutionising what it means to be a healthy pooch and bringing terms such as “carbon pawprint” into the mainstream. You and your pooch are driving the plant-based movement forward. Who knew being part of a revolution could be so barking tasty?!

Without you giving plant-based dog food a try for your beloved pups, there would be no THE PACK. We exist because of people like you who have made the decision to improve your pooch’s health, while also saving animals and the planet we live on. We hope you are as ready as we are to take on 2023 and take plant-based dog food mainstream! We cannot wait to show you what else we have in store (warning: it will provoke intense drooling). On behalf of the planet, animals, and your happy plant-based pup, we want to say thank you. You make our tails wag.

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