Top 10 Things To Do With Your Dog In The UK

Top 10 Things To Do With Your Dog In The UK

There’s nothing like spending the day with your furry best friend discovering the best of what the UK has to offer. Whether you two are adventurous and up for hiking a trail, prefer a dog day afternoon spent at the beach or simply want to socialise at the pub, there are so many fun activities for you to enjoy together. Here, we’ve listed the top ten things to do with your dog in the UK that will perk up both of your ears!

1. Make a splash in the Lake District

The Lake District is known for its countless trails amongst magnificent views, making it a great place to spend the day with your pooch! This UNESCO World Heritage Site is home to lakes, forests and mountains that can be admired from many of the District’s trails, ranging from challenging climbs to easy strolls. For the adventurous and experienced pairs, try Cats Bells via Derwent Water or via Hawes End for some stunning scenery. For an easy, relaxing stroll, you can’t go wrong with Blea Tarn Trail or Loweswater Circular Walk—both of which offer your pooch the chance to jump in the lake for a swim! Just make sure to keep your dog on a lead while walking, as this area is home to many species of wildlife.

2. Walk amongst history in Northumberland

Not far from the Lake District is Northumberland—a place filled with rugged beauty in its own right. Walk along the sandy coast in the village of Bamburgh until you reach the picturesque Bamburgh Castle—one of the largest inhabited castles in the UK. While four-legged friends are not allowed in the castle’s fine state rooms or the Clock Tower Tea Room, you and your pooch can visit the grounds of the medieval castle, the Armstrong & Aviation Museum, Tack Room Café and Victorian Stables. If still up for more adventuring, there are over 400 square miles of National Park in Northumberland to be enjoyed together (again, just remember to keep your dog on a lead).

3. Admire ancient castles in Scotland

There’s nothing like walking amongst historic ruins with your doggy in tow! Visit some of Scotland’s oldest castles, including Castle Sween where pups are welcome to roam the castle’s surrounding grounds and feel like royalty. In East Lothian, dogs on a lead are permitted inside Tantallon Castle, situated on a stunning cliff facing the North Sea with views of Bass Rock. Afterwards, head over to Seacliff Beach, considered one of the UK’s most dog-friendly beaches. If up for more medieval treasures, check out Dunnottar Castle—a fortress surrounded on three sides by the North Sea. Just be sure to keep your pup on a short lead, as there are dramatic cliffs and lots of steps.

4. Get those paws sandy in South Devon

On the opposite side of the UK, pups continue to find reasons for their tails to wag! In South Devon, four-legged friends are welcome on most beaches, many of which are year-round. Beesands Beach has magnificent cliff views and welcomes dogs throughout the year to splash in its calm waters. One of South Devon’s most popular beaches, Soar Mill Cove, also welcomes pups with no restrictions. If you’re looking for a large sandy area for your pup to run at their heart’s content, head over to Bantham Beach, though keep in mind that between 1st May and 30th December, no doggies on the main beach. Similarly, Bigbury-on-Sea has tons of space for your four-legged friend to have a howling good time; just keep in mind they are only welcome between October and May (there is a smaller beach to its west that permits dogs throughout the year). If you and your pooch are looking for something quieter, venture out to Westcombe Beach where you two can have all the zoomies and no judgement throughout the year.

5. Take in the sniffs at a lavender garden

If humans enjoy the relaxing smell of lavender, can you imagine how much your pup with superpower smelling abilities does? Head over to Mayfield Lavender Farm in Banstead where there are 25 acres of the fragrant flowers to be sniffed. Just make sure to keep your pup on a lead, though well-behaved pups are allowed off for a moment to take that Instagram-worthy photo. Every human and dog will paws-itively be jealous!

6. Stroll through these pawsome London parks

Walking through the big city can be a bit ruff. Check out these pawsome parks that make for a great escape for you and your furever friend! St. James’s Park and its neighbouring Green Park are wonderful spots to stimulate your pooch. Greenwich Park, Hyde Park, Battersea Park and Regent’s Park are also some of London’s most pawpular parks where dogs are welcome. Be aware that there are some restrictions at these parks, including areas where dogs must be on a lead or where they are not permitted at all. If you are interested in a park where your dog can roam to their heart’s content with no restrictions, check out grassy Primrose Hill. If your pup loves taking a dip in the water, take them to The Dog Pond at Hampstead Heath—a pond dedicated to wet dog fun in North London. 

7. Tail-wagging trails in Snowdonia

Snowdonia is Wales’s largest National Park, making it an adventurous pup’s and human’s dream to explore. While dogs are not permitted everywhere and some areas are a bit ruff to wander through, there are plenty of exciting trails that will get you and your dog’s heart pumping and tail-wagging, respectively. Take Snowdon Ranger Path or Llanberis Path for the ‘easiest’ routes, made up of (at times) clear paths, vast green spaces and some lakes to cool off in. Given the ruffness of terrain at times, only take your pooch if they can handle this physically demanding expedition. For any of these trails, make sure to check the weather (in the winter, the paths can become slippery and dangerous) and pack water for you and your pup. Keep your dog on a lead here as you’ll likely encounter sheep!

8. Take it easy at a dog-friendly pub

There’s nothing more paw-some than a pub that welcomes our furry friends, and luckily, the UK has many! Looking to enjoy a plant-based meal and play weekly pub quizzes with your pup by your side? Check out BrewDog, with locations all over the UK (you can also book your dog a paw-ty there!). Your pooch in the mood for a pick-me-up? Get them a ‘puppaccino’ at Wags N Tales Coffee Bar Kitchen in London (there’s also a large plant-based menu for humans, too). In Northern Ireland, check out The Sunflower—a bar that keeps the water flowing and treats coming for its four-legged customers. As if that’s not reason enough to get your tail-wagging, The Sunflower regularly holds fundraisers to help charitable causes, including animal protection.

9. Road trip!

If your doggo isn’t one to get queasy or anxious while on the open road, why not take a road trip together! Whether venturing through the countryside or traveling along the coast, you and your pup are sure to have a wonderful bonding experience. Edinburgh to Kirkwall (stopping through Aberdeen and Inverness) is an excellent route, given the large number of dog-friendly accommodations, restaurants and activities (including over 200 walking trails!) on the way. On the other side of the UK, take a drive from Plymouth to Southampton where there’s plenty of pup-friendly stops and a coastline filled with dog-friendly beaches. Make sure to bring water, food and take frequent potty breaks. Pack some familiar toys and bedding to make your pooch comfy and put them in a doggy seatbelt for their safety and yours. Lastly, make sure to never leave your pup unattended in the car!

10. Enjoy a plant-based meal together

Taking part in all these tail-wagging adventures calls for a healthy pup and human. Treat yourself to a new plant-based recipe while your pup enjoys one of our plant-based meals. Your pooch can pick from three mouth-watering flavours including No-Fishy Dishy, No-Cluck Casserole and No-Moo Ragu that are nutritionally balanced and backed by science to be superfoods for our four-legged friends. Your pup will be fuelled to take part in all these zoomie-filled adventures! The question is, can you keep up?

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