Vegan Christmas Dinner Ins-paw-ration For Your Dog

Vegan Christmas Dinner Ins-paw-ration For Your Dog


It’s the howl-iday season and who better to spend it with than our four-legged companions! This Christmutts, we’re encouraging pawrents to involve their pooch in all parts of the furry and bright celebrations—including what may paw-ssibly be your dog’s favourite part:  dining. Read on to see our suggestions on how to make this Christmas feast one your pooch will remember!

Hors d’oeuvre: An assortment of steamed, dog-approved vegetables

Make your pooch their very own Christmas trimmings tray by steaming some dog-approved veg that are also Christmas staples, like carrots, Brussel sprouts and green beans. Unlike many human children who require some bribing to finish up their veggies, most dog children are happy to gobble up these flavourful gifts of nature. Make sure you limit your pooch to only a couple pieces of each, especially if they aren’t used to eating veg like this every day, as we don’t want tummy aches or “random lumps of coal” showing up around the house (if you know what we mean!).

Main course:  Their choice of THE PACK’s wet meal ‘gravy’ served atop a layer of THE PACK’s Oven Baked Crunchy Feast

Does your pup love crunching on our dry kibble? Is your mutt mad about our No-Moo Ragu? Is their favourite our No-Fishy Dishy? Are they just crazy about our No-Cluck Casserole? No matter which of our meals your pooch prefers, we know they’ll be happy to be served a special holiday version of their favourites. Our suggestion? Warm up a portion of your dog’s favourite wet food flavour by mixing a small amount of hot water to it. After, pour their warm, savoury ‘gravy’ topping over a serving of our Oven Baked Crunchy Feast (make sure you are not serving their food hot; it should be warm by serving time). This new doggy-Christmas classic will have humans wondering who is eating the tastier howl-iday meal!

Dessert:  Homemade treats that will make Santa Paws’ reindeer jealous

Forget about Christmas carrot cake—you’re going to want to share these delicious, healthy, easy to make peanut butter & carrot treats with your pup on the night of the 25th. These dog-approved Christmas cookies are made with just three simple ingredients—natural peanut butter (make sure it doesn’t contain xylitol as an ingredient, which is poisonous to pooches), carrots (you can use the leftover ones from the hors d’oeuvre!) and oats. You’ll find that your pooch enjoys these homemade treats much more than the store-bought ones due to their fresh crunch and because they were made with love! Just be sure to make plenty—when dropping off gifts, Santa might try to steal a few of these for his reindeer!


🎄 We at THE PACK want to woof you all a very happy Christ-mutts and a yappy New Year! As a thank you for being a part of our community we would love to give you 30% off your next order with code CHRISTMAS

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