What Our Customers Think About THE PACK - Q2

What Our Customers Think About THE PACK - Q2

Earlier this summer, we shared with you what our customers thought about feeding their dogs our plant-based wet food. We’ve just wrapped up another survey for the second quarter of the year, in which our community gave us their opinions about our meals, the benefits they’ve seen in their pups after feeding it to them and what they’d like to see us launch next. We can hardly contain our tail wags after seeing the results!

Thoughts On Our Wet Food

When asked what customers would rate our 3 flavours of wet food, nearly half of respondents (47.8%) gave them a 10 out of 10! Over 15% rated our wet meals a 9, while 22.2% gave them an 8—meaning over 85% of our customers find that their furry friends are devouring our plant-based meals very happily, with only satisfied tummies. The overall average rating came in at 8.9/10, which we think is worth a round of a-paws…

Health Benefits Of Our Vegan Dog Food 

Happy bellies aren’t the only benefits our customers are finding; over two thirds of our customers have seen some tangible improvement in their dogs’ health and/or temperament, including improved coat and skin, improved stools (less stinky and a better texture), maintaining a more consistent weight, reduction in gas, less itching, improved breath, increased energy levels, improved appetite and improved mobility.

The most common benefits seen were improvement in skin/fur and improved stools (poop), both of which 4/10 customer saw a noticeable improvement.

Motivation For Feeding Dogs Our Plant-Based Dog Food

Dog parents are growing increasingly wary of the traditional dog food industry, which is why many are deciding to join our pack. Nearly nine out of ten customers (87.8%) transitioned their pooch to a plant-based diet because they’re concerned about the rights and welfare of farmed animals. Over 75% of customers were influenced to make the switch because of concerns for the environment, as the meat-based pet food industry currently produces 64 million tons of carbon dioxide each year and is estimated to account for a quarter of the environmental impacts of meat production in terms of use of land, water, fossil fuels and pesticides. Other reasons for joining our pack include the health benefits of transitioning their dog to a plant-based diet (63.3%), wanting to add variety to their pup’s plate (33.3%), wanting to reduce their flexi-dogian’s meat intake (33.3%) and due to their pooch experiencing animal protein allergies and/or an intolerance to grains (17.8%).

Prior to shifting their four-legged companions to THE PACK, our customers mainly conducted their own research, looking into studies on the benefits of a plant-based diet for dogs themselves (66.7%). Nearly 28% of respondents either consulted with their dog’s veterinarian, a nutritionist, someone they trust who is already feeding their dog a plant-based diet or asked us at THE PACK for advice. About 12% of respondents did not seek advice prior to making the switch.

What Do Our Pupstomers Want To Chomp On Next?

This September, your pup will finally be able to get their paws on our Oven Baked Vegan Dried food—the first of its kind in Europe! We at THE PACK aren’t the only ones excited about our new product’s release; over 95% of our customers have expressed their excitement about trying our dried food. For you pawrents that can hardly contain your zoomies about the release: we’ll be taking pre-orders soon and offering a special discount off your first order, so keep your eyes peeled for the pre-launch email.

When it comes to making our pupstomers happy, we’re like dogs with a toy bone! Our dried food hasn’t even been released yet and we’re already planning our next range of vegan products that we can’t wait to begin developing in the coming months.

Your feedback in this most recent survey has helped us understand what pawrents of pooches hooked on THE PACK would most like to see us come up with next. We have already started researching and development on the exciting next range of products and can’t wait to tell you more in the coming months.

Thank You For Being A Part Of Our Plant-Powered Community 

Thank you to all our customers—not just those who participated in our second survey, but all of you. We highly value you all and much appreciate how you are playing your part in helping to grow the plant-powered movement; this makes a huge impact on our planet, all the animals living on it, your dog’s health and supports our start-up in its mission to change the world one dog bowl at a time!

We really value the opinion of all you pawrents and pupstomers that are part of our PACK—whether you've been with us from the beginning, nearly two years ago, or have just recently discovered us.

We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without you and this is why your input and suggestions are so important to us. As always, if you have any suggestions, feedback or questions you can always email us at woof@thepackpet.com 


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Winner, winner, plant-based dinner!

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