Facts Not Fools This April Fool's Day

Facts Not Fools This April Fool's Day

This April’s Fools Day instead of tricking you into thinking we are creating a pupperoni pizza we want to give you some hard hitting facts. Here at THE PACK  we believe the climate crisis is no laughing matter so we are giving you some facts not fools ahead of World Earth Month this April.

Did you know the pet food industry plays a massive part in fuelling the environmental damage our planet is facing. That is one of the main reasons we created THE PACK as we believe plant-based dog food can be part of the positive change that is so needed.

We can’t fetch another planet so this month our content will be environmental focused. After all, what self-respecting pooch wants to live in a world without trees to wee on?

Environmental Facts About Pet Food

  • If all the dogs and cats in America alone had their own country, it would rank fifth in terms of global meat consumption.
  • The environmental pawprint of a 70-pound golden retriever eating a raw meat diet is almost twice the environmental footprint of an average meat-eating human.
  • The pet food industry produces almost 3% of the total carbon dioxide emissions from farming! That’s the same amount of CO2 produced by a sixth of all global flights.
  • Dogs and cats don’t just eat ‘by-products’: in the US, 30% of factory-farmed cows, pigs and chickens are bred and killed specifically to feed our dogs and cats.
  • Making meat-based food for cats and dogs uses up a land mass twice the size of the UK, every year.
  • If we stop feeding plants to farm animals, we could feed an extra 350 million people (and a lot of dogs too).
  • Because of an unprecedented outbreak of bird flu, ‘free range’ eggs are no longer available in the UK.
  • Some brands of fish-based pet food have been found to contain endangered shark species.
  • The ingredients in a can of regular beef-based dog food produce over 17 times more CO2 than those in THE PACK’s No-Moo Ragu.

So this April Fool's Day be part of the positive solution to tackling the climate crisis and add more plants to your dogs bowl. You can get 20% off your first order of vegan dog food using the code PACK20 at checkout just head to our shop here.  

Don’t take our word for it. Here’s the research:

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